Our wines

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Aromas of green apple and pear. The palate is lively and refreshing with a creamy texture. It finishes balanced with a delicate fine acidity.


Rich sweet honey on the nose with notes of pear and green apple. The palate is light and crisp with a lemon acidity and hints of melon. Fine and well balanced finish.

Straw in colour with generous passionfruit and lemon grass aromas. This wine is a wonderful accompaniment to seafood, tapas or a simple aperitif

Bianco Alpino
Light delicate fruity style made from White Italia grapes. Enjoy in relaxed company with pasta al dente.


Reserve Old Vine Shiraz
Fruit from the oldest vines in Northern NSW have been used to craft this full bodied premium wine. With big fruit flavours and well balanced tannins this is the perfect wine for char-grilled meat. Cellar for up to 10 years.

Reserve Durif
A full rich robust wine which will cellar for up to 8 years, or enjoy young with a full flavoured main course.

Rosso Alpino
Easy drinking fruity style. Perfect for alfresco dining.


Liqueur Muscat
Made from a blend of 40 year old Black Muscat and Muscat Hamburg this rich after dinner liqueur has smooth flavours of caramel and strawberry on the palate. Enjoy sharing with friends.

Red Deer Port
40 year old Cabernet and Malbec fruit have been combined to produce a rich full flavoured Port. Dark chocolate and coffee flavours with a smooth lingering finish. The perfect end to any day.

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